CVS Near Me: How To Find It

CVS, also called CVS Pharmacy, is a retail division of CVS Health which was previously known as Melville Corporation. The long-form of CVS is Consumer Value Store. A store that prides itself on convenience, value, as well as Service. CVS Health is a Woonsocket –based retail and health care company with a rapidly growing reputation in the U.S. With approximately 7,800 retail stores which are distributed across all states, the company has an enormous reach. It is the largest operator of health clinics (MinuteClinic ) and the biggest prescription drug dispenser in the U.S. It also ranks second among the largest pharmacies in the country. In a CVS facility, it’s that place where you can get your health issue checked and treated and buy toothpaste, band-aids or lipstick under one roof.

CVS/pharmacy stores host MinuteClinics staffed with reputable nursing practitioners and physician assistants who are trained to diagnose, offer treatment and give prescriptions for minor acute health problems like lung infections, skin infections, eye infections, throat infections and ear infections, among others. They specialize in family healthcare. As such, they’re also trained to offer numerous types of vaccinations for various diseases like influenza, hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, tetanus-pertussis and pneumovax.

You can also visit a CVS for:

  • The testing and treatment of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Contraception service
  • Tuberculosis testing and treatment
  • Routine lab tests and instant results for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure or asthma
  • Help to stop smoking
  • Sports or camp physicals

Since their inception CVS clinics have been the go-to healthcare facilities for a lot of people, making CVS Pharmacy the leading pharmacy chain in the United States, with more than 9,600 outlets as of the year 2016. Of course there must be something special about the facilities for them to have such as massive popularity. Well, some of the reasons that make people choose to visit a CVS outlet and not any other place include:

  • 24/hour Service

Most of the CVS facilities are open throughout the week and 24 hours every day. Although in some cases their OneMinute clinics have limited opening hours, the majority of CVS stores themselves operate 24/7. In some cases, the need to access healthcare services or product is urgent and so, having pharmacies that operate 24 hours for 7 days is something that many people thank CVS health for. Therefore, if you want to visit a CVS store or the hosted MinuteClinic, you don’t have to disrupt your day to see a doctor. You can visit before or after work, or after school hours in case it’s your kid who needs a doctor’s visit.

  • You can by-pass appointments

Are you sick of having to being told that you must schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor, even when you want urgent attention for a minor healthcare issue? If yes, a CVS near you got you covered. The clinics inside a CVS store welcome walk-ins, meaning that if your reason for visiting is last minute, you can go directly to your nearby CVS MinuteClinic without having to book an appointment.

  • Appointment scheduling is a breeze

Have you ever done an online dinner reservation booking? It was an easy process, right? The same case applies to CVS clinic appointment scheduling process. Simply use your phone to locate the CVS MinuteClinic near you, see how long you’ll have to wait to see a healthcare expert, choose your location and provide basic information about you and the reason for your visit. You can also have video appointment with a health expert, especially if you are visiting the facility for a minor health issue such as stomach ache, cold or a minor female health service. However, video appointment service is limited to selected states.

  • Short wait

Through your phone, you can see how long you’ll have to wait before your local MinuteClinic is ready to attend to you. Ensure that you are at the waiting room when right on your appointed time and you’ll be amazed to see how time conscious the attendants are. You’ll be ushered in the doctor’s room within your appointment’s time. Even if you are a walk-in patient, you’ll be informed the approximate amount of time for which you’ll have to wait before you get attended.

  • MinuteClinic accepts the majority of health insurance plans

It’s quite a relief knowing that your healthcare service provider accepts your insurance plan. Due to its great reputation of offering high-quality health care services and products, CVS health has over the years built trust with most insurance companies. The company’s commitment to making healthcare services affordable to most people has seen it enter into agreements with many insurance service providers. As such, MinuteClinic accepts the majority of health insurance plans. However, before heading to the clinic in a CVS facility, it’s essential to check if the clinic accepts your insurance plan. CVS Insurance Checker tool will help you to establish if the plan covers the services you’re about to seek in the clinic.

  • Simple, transparent and pocket-friendly pricing model

Healthcare costs can be very financially-draining and that’s why many people opt to ignore health red flags, only to find themselves with escalated health problems. Such cases are mostly prevalent for those people who can’t afford to pay for health insurance covers. Fortunately, CVS outlets are committed to bridging the gap between the rich and the poor by not only accepting most health insurance plans but also offering their products and services at very affordable prices. Their pricing model is up-front and straightforward, allowing patients to know how they’ll be charged for the services they need before they get started.

Making your appointment with CVS online is really quick and convenient. Although each CVS store has a spacious and cozy waiting room, you can choose to have some errands before your appointment’s time. Don’t worry about missing an appointment while on your errands if you have their app because it will send you alerts once the clinic is ready for you.

  • Convenient locations 

From its humble beginning as QuickMedx in the year 2000, CVS MinuteClinic has grown to become a common household name, with over 1,100 CVS MinuteClinics spread across 33 states in the United States. Each of the clinics offers high-quality care and is strategically located for easy reach by the nearby population. Most, if not all, MinuteClinics are sandwiched among commonly-sought public amenities. As such, you don’t have to make a special trip to the facility. You can just pop in to one near you for check-up or treatment while on your regular errands.

How to find a nearby CVS using your smartphone

There are more than 1,100 CVS MinuteClinics spread across 33 states including South Carolina,  Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Washington,DC , Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, RhodeIsland, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina,  Ohio, Minnesota,  Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, , Tennessee as well as  Texas.

So if you live in these states, most likely, there’s a CVS store a couple of miles from where you live. But how will you know where your local store is located? Of course you won’t have to drive or walk up and down trying to locate one. With your smartphone, you can identify a nearby CVS store hassle-free.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can use your smartphone to find out a CVS store near you. Well, here are some of the ways to go about that.

  1. Using CVS app

CVS Near Me app

CVS has its own app which besides offering basic pharmacy services like holding appointments, refilling and prescription transfer and prescription reminders, it can be used to locate a CVS store or CVS MinuteClinic in a certain locality. Using a built-in GPS locator, can easily locate and show you the nearby CVS, tell you how far it is from where you are and give you direction to the facility.

The CVS Pharmacy app is free, meaning you won’t pay anything to install and use it on your smartphone. When it comes to the compatibility of the app, it works with an array of mobile devices running on different operating systems including Android, iPhone and iPad. However, your device must be running on the latest operating system for you to access all the features of the application. You can download CVS Pharmacy from Google Play, App Store or from

  1. Using CVS Website

On the CVS website, you can browse by state to find a local CVS pharmacy store near you. Otherwise, you can turn on the location access on your phone and once you visit the store locator page on the website, the side will use your device’s location settings to find the CVS Pharmacy that’s closest to you.

  1. Using Waze Live Map

On your internet-enabled smartphone, search live map. On the search field of the map, type CVS and the name of your location. For instance, if you are in Arizona and would like to know which CVS are nearby, you can type “CVS Arizona” and you’ll see a list of the nearby store. You can click each of the items on the list to identify the closest one and its direction from where you are.

The Waze map will also show you the opening hours of a CVS, its exact location and the phone contacts you can use to speak to the customer care desk attendant of the facility.

  1. Using Four Square City Guide

Four Square City Guide works similarly to Waze Live Map. Using your smartphone, visit and at the top of the site, you’ll see a field written “I’m looking for”. In the field, enter CVS or CVS Pharmacy, or CVS MinuteClinic. On the second field, type your location’s name (for instance, Arizona City, AZ, United States, and then press the search button to see the results.

The site will display a list of the CVS in the locality, their respective physical addresses, opening hours, directions and contacts. Better still, there are user reviews from people who’ve visited the stores/clinics. The user reviews can give you a clue of the experience you are likely to have should you visit a certain CVS store. They can help you make an informed choice regarding the best CVS to visit in your area.

  1. Using Express Scripts

CVS-Near-Me-Express works like Four Square City Guide or Waze, only that its results include all the pharmacies affiliated them, including the CVS. Visit to locate a CVS Pharmacy. On the site’s page enter the zip code of your area or the city’s and the state’s names and tap the “Locate Pharmacy” tab. The search results will include a list of various pharmacies in the area. Look for the CVS facilities in the list and note their locations to establish the most convenient one for you.

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps, a web Mapping service, can also locate a CVS near you. Visit, and on the field, enter your area’s zip code and search it. Look for a button labeled “nearby” and tap it. Upon doing that, you’ll see a new search field. Type “CVS Pharmacy “in the field and press search.

The displayed page will have a list of the nearby CVS Pharmacies, with their respective user ratings and reviews. You can go through the reviews of each to establish the best store to visit for your needs. Google Maps is regularly updated and so, able to give relevant and accurate results.

  1. Social media

Your social media platforms such as Facebook account can be good platforms to get a wide range of information. Since most likely your social media friends and followers come from your locality, they might be in a good position to tell you the CVS stores are in your vicinity and perhaps share their experiences with the stores. Write a post requesting for referrals about local CVS stores and you’ll see several feedbacks on the same.

With this digital era, finding a CVS store, among other healthcare facilities, is easier like never before. All you need is a smartphone, the information like this we’ve shared with you here and of course, internet connection and you are good to go.


How Long Should It Take to Fall Asleep (For Better Vacation)

The time it takes for you to fall asleep during travel or on your vacation is an essential aspect as sleep is crucial for the welfare of the body. Most people are however anxious about how long it takes after they get to bed for them to sleep. While some only take a couple of minutes, others are worried about taking too long, sometimes up to a few hours.

So, how long should it take to fall asleep? Well, sleep latency is the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep. Several factors determine sleep latency either shortening or increasing the length of time.

Appropriate Time for Falling Asleep

Even though sleeping immediately after you get into the bed seems satisfactory, people who take a short time before falling asleep exhibit a healthy sleep cycle. Typically, it takes such a person an average of 7 minutes to fall asleep(the fast).

If it takes you more than 7 minutes but less than 20 minutes, then there is no cause for alarm; you are still within the range of the normal sleep cycle. However, anything more than this shows that something could be wrong within your body and it’s a way of the body expressing the possible issue.

On the other hand, instantly sleeping after you bury your head into the pillow also reveals a probable condition. Identifying the issues can be a good start towards finding a solution to your distorted sleeping habits.

How to Fall Asleep Faster

It should now worry you if you take up to an hour or even more to fall asleep. These moments of sleeplessness are accompanied by tossing in the bed and a series of thoughts. Sometimes you get to the bed, fall asleep as recommended and then after an hour or so you start dreaming. Such issues indicate conditions some of which can be remedied.

What should you do to reduce sleep latency? Here are some of the causative conditions and their possible remedies.

Avoid oversleeping

Avoid oversleeping

The most probable reason you are taking too long to sleep is that you continue sleeping even after you have already slept enough. While different people have different sleep requirements, an average adult requires around 7 hours of sleep time. Sleeping more than this means that your brain will not be ready to shut off next moment you try to sleep immediately. This problem could be amplified by consistent oversleeping more so if you are not involved in tiresome tasks during the day.

You need to schedule your sleeping time and ensure that anytime you wake up feeling relaxed and fresh you do not go back to sleep. Otherwise sleeping more than you require, it may not be enjoyable as you are only trying to push yourself to sleep.

Manage stress

Stress besides other factors such as medications is the most significant contributor to the insomnia condition. This condition eventually leads to fatal disorders such as heart-related diseases, depression, and diabetes. Most people lack sleep due to numerous thoughts and worries running through their mind whenever they try to sleep.

The only solution to this issue is finding ways to help you manage your stress levels. You might consider visiting a counselor if your stressors are related to your social life. A therapist might also assist you in prescribing medications that can help relieve the insomniac condition.

Take a shower before sleeping

Take a shower before sleeping

Poor hygiene can also contribute to lack of sleep leading to insomnia. When your body is dirty or sweaty, you might experience discomfort thereby having troubles sleeping. This sweatiness might not be as a result of the day’s activities, otherwise eating heavily at night or drinking caffeinated drinks before going to sleep might result in an increased amount of energy in your body.

Therefore, you should ensure that after a long day, you take a shower to help your mind relax ready for sleep. Besides, you might consider minimizing the rate of caffeine intake more so sometimes before going to bed.

Avoiding sleeping too fast

While sleeping fast is a sign of a normal sleeping cycle, sleeping too fast should also be a concern. If it takes you less than seven minutes to sleep, then there could be something erroneous in you.

Mostly, lack of enough sleep could be contributing to your short sleep latency. If you are sleeping for a few hours, your body remains inactive during the day, and at night you sleep right away when you get to bed. Lack of enough sleep can be fatal to body healthy; it results in exposure to sickness, as well as disrupting your focus ability.

Resolving this issue requires you to get enough sleep. You can achieve this by scheduling your daily activities and manage them to fit your day’s program. You can also schedule your sleeping time, assigning more time on your day offs like the weekends, and ensure you adhere to the plan.


While considering unraveling these sleep cycle distorters, you should also consider external factors. Technological devices such as mobile phones and laptops keep your brain active depriving you of sleep. If you consider all these aspects, you will ultimately attain average sleep latency.

Enjoy your trip or your vacation!


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How to Make a Baby Shower Unforgettable

Planning and hosting a great baby shower will take some creative thinking and planning. Most people are used to the tired blue and pink themed parties, which can be quite dull. You need to up the game if you want to have a truly memorable one.

Baby showers are a tradition for pregnant mothers, and they have become somewhat of a cliché, the same games, toys, and even presents. Here are a few tricks that can help you make the next baby shower you throw an unforgettable one;

Start by creating a theme:

Personalize the baby shower to the new mother’s interests. Find out what her favorite hobbies are, and plan the shower around that. You can include this theme in the invites, the games and even the decorations for the day.

Have you ever thought of scrapbooks? Does the new mother love them? This is just an idea; you could make each guest design a scrapbook, then gather the pages to create a great baby book.

Does she love writing? This is yet another idea; have each guest write a letter for the new baby and keep them together as a special keepsake.

This will be a day that will be memorable for the new mother, the guests, and even the newborn baby.

The theme should also include the dressing code. You could have everyone dress in a specific color scheme that will stand out and make the mother totally surprised. So, if you are wondering what to wear to a baby shower, you will be sorted by the theme.

Get some good entertainment:

You will need to rev up on the entertainment if you want this to be a great day. We have already mentioned the tired old games, so, do not do that. Look for exciting new ideas to keep everyone entertained and happy.

Search the internet for baby shower game ideas, talk to the new mom about what she would like to do, and even invite the guests to give you suggestions on the type of games they will enjoy playing on the day of the shower.

Here are a few suggestions: Look in the party books section of the library for some great ideas, make jigsaw puzzles cut out of cardboard or old photographs, then have your guests put them back together again.

In case your guests have a great sense of humor, try having an air band competition, but here is the twist, let this be from children’s lullabies, or some Disney theme songs. Let the guests perform and even have a panel of judges. You could give out prizes for the best performers. A baby shower definitely doesn’t have to be dull and scruffy.

Consider the venue:

Did you know that you do not have to plan a baby shower in someone’s home? Whilst this will depend on your budget, if you have some money to work with, you can move the shower to a different location, even a hotel ballroom to make it the more special.

Many hotels have private dining rooms you can rent as well. This will save you the trouble of having to cook for the guests as you can directly order for food from the hotel.

If the weather is good, you could even do it outside! A nice tent can do, or a compound or a park shelter house.


Food for the shower:

A traditional baby shower will consist of a cake, nuts, food, mints, etc. You could take it a step further and incorporate the theme into the food you shall serve.

You could serve tea with tiny sandwiches, sweets, and savories. A salad buffet with all the necessary trimmings which includes crusty rolls and long glasses of iced tea or lemonade can make for delicious treats and refreshing drinks, especially during summer.

Having dips, cheese plates and spreads with baguettes, and hearty tortilla chips can go a long way in making nibbling snacks during the shower.

You could think like a baby and serve some baby vegetables with dip on a platter.

The food you serve will highly depend on your budget, and if it allows, be as extravagant as possible, as food helps in livening up the party and making it interesting. Most people will even spend most of their time discussing food.

The cake:

If you want to see goosebumps on your guests, make the cake unforgettable and unique. This is the culinary centerpiece of the baby shower, and it will be more than just desert. Cakes make the party, and those designed for celebrating a new baby tend to be extremely adorable.

You should ensure that the cake is not gross. There have been baby showers with weird looking cakes of women giving birth. This can be inappropriate for some people, so, make it classy, beautiful and delicious of course.

Flowers and décor:

Fill the room with flowers. Make it as beautiful as you possibly can, as you will be celebrating a new baby. Let the flowers make the party. Flowers are actually the ancient symbol of fertility, and they will, therefore, make the room look feminine and classy.

Also, decorate the tables with banners, tableware, balloons and lots of other decorations that are festive and keeping with the theme. This will really impress your guests.

Be emotional:

Baby showers are meant to be emotional, so, do not be afraid to have some tears in the room. You could have the new mother talk about the journey to being a mother, have the guests talk about their experience of giving birth, allocate some time for advising the new mother, etc.

Ensure you do not make scary for a new mother who has not has children before, by discussing things such as what to expect in the delivery room. This can be scary and probably inappropriate. We want the new mother to be happy not sad and frightened.

Keep it light and interesting so she can be able to learn something from the shower about motherhood and what to expect from the whole experience.

Give each guest a party favor:

The final detail of the baby shower will be to give each guest a memento so they can always remember the shower.

Prepare the party favors in advance, so you make them as thoughtful and interesting as the baby shower was. Here are some suggestions;

You could hand out some seeds so the guests can plant them on the day the baby is born. Request them to watch the flowers bloom through each of the baby’s milestones.

Put up a recipe book with food that was served during the shower.

You could also have a professional poet compose a poem for each guest and have it framed and given as a gift. This is not as expensive as you may think, as picture frames are not too expensive and you could also use some inexpensive paper for the poem as well.


Planning and hosting a baby shower does not have to be a mundane task. Keep all of your creative juices flowing so you can come up with a remarkable event that everyone will not only enjoy, but also remember for years to come. Do not forget to remind the guests to come with presents for the unborn baby as well, and request them to make them unique so they do not end up with similar gifts. You could also opt to use a registry so you do not end up with gifts that the mother will not even use.