Batu Ferringhi,
Penang Favorite Beach
You're absolutely right if you say that Batu Ferringhi is the top choice among beach
lovers. For them, it's the beloved place that they called lasting peace and paradise.
Located about 2 Km away from Tanjung Bungah, the beach is about 20 to 30
minutes ride from Georgetown.

The main road runs more or less straight along the coast for 3km, on which all the hotels, tourist shop, internet cafes, motorcycle rental offices and restaurants are lined up side by side. In the centre you'll find Telekom office, post office, police station and clinic. It may not be of the Malaysia "best" as the water is not tropically clear that you might expect; but with the numerous activities that is going on - One may just forget about clear blue water.

The beach is however kept clean, even on weekends when hordes of day-trippers comes to visit.

The "Rocky Isle" of Batu Ferringhi

Scenic View of the Beach
*Photo courtesy of AsiaExplorer.

The name "Batu Ferringhi" originate from a Malay term - Rock (Batu) & Portuguese (Ferringhi). It was during the 16th century when the Portuguese traders in search for spice, landed in the rocky isle of Batu Ferringhi (also known as "Lover's Isle") to obtain fresh supplies of water that the name initially favored.

When the Portuguese left the island, the local embrace the "Ferringhi" name to all foreigners, particularly Westerners. And this name has been affectionally called ever since. The beach has the highest number of hotels in the country include several 5-star hotels. Some of the popular ones include Bayview Beach Hotel, Golden Sands, Paradise Sandy Bay and many more.

Walking along the soft and beautiful white sandy beaches, you can spend hours admiring the
beauty and tranquility of the palm shrouded beach.

The gust of morning wind will makes you feel that there is still a place for you to relax, rejuvenate and to admire the alluring picturesque beauty of the white sandy beach.

The best time to visit Batu Ferringhi is in the
morning and late evening.

Morning because of the cool and fresh climate and evening because the beauty of the sunset as well as night life activities. But if you are the sporty manics, then you can come at any time of the day to enjoy the numerous water sports activities.

For swimmers, there is a floating buoys "cordoned off" to protect swimmers from speeding jet-skis and water-skiers.

Others activities that you can do there is:
  • Enjoy the action pack water sport activities - Parachuting, canoeing, sailing,
    horse riding and more.
  • Eating at the numerous Restaurant and food stalls.
  • Rent a bicycle to do jungle trekking, visiting fruits plantation or join for a
    village tour to get a taste of traditional rural experience.
  • Shopping along the varieties of stalls and shops selling cheap clothes, fabrics, souvenirs, electronic items, watches, DVDs, CDs and more.

Stalls selling water floats

Beach Bike

And when the night comes, the real fun begins. Pubs, Restaurant & Night markets will replace all the physical activities that you endure in that day, with a more relaxing activities - Listening to live band, chatting with fellow Ferringers', shopping in the night market and of course eating at some of the famous restaurant such as "Sigi's at the sea" or “End of The World”.

Perhaps the most unforgettable moments here, apart from extensive day activities will be - The adrenalin of sipping cool beer in the midst of cool sea breeze at night.

It just tastes Great!

Try it out yourself.