Exotic Island Vacations At Penang

It has been 30 years since I last visited Penang. Much of the road and landmarks
has changed ever since due to on-going development. So, it is remarkable that after
so many years, I can still find my way to the historic city of Georgetown. I was a student in one of the school in Penang back then. Perhaps it is the daily traveling to school had burned it into my memory.

I was overwhelmed with the most incredible excitement at returning here as me and my wife approached Penang with the familiar shape of the misty hill came into my view. We crossed the beautiful Penang bridge
which was not ever there back then and headed straight into Georgetown.

When Julia saw the sign of Batu Ferringhi, I was ecstatic. Well, it's been 30 long years and much of the road has change to one way. I did not use the new direction to the popular seafront but instead follow through the road towards Weld Quay near the ferry terminal and drive it down from there as I'm pretty sure how to get there.
In our exotic Island vacations, we check into Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, a luxurious 5 star accommodation which have a beautifully landscaped 30-acre tropical garden.

The architecture and design embrace the best of contemporary Malaysian (traditional Minangkabau style) and the giant trees creating an impression of a remote paradise. Sitting on the balcony in the evenings and early mornings on our exotic island vacations was so relaxing, the view of the pool the beach and the hotel grounds was wonderful and the whole resort atmosphere made all the hard years of saving for this trip worthwhile.

The next day, we started out early to visit Penang Butterfly Farm. The wonderful fragile creature just captures my heart as I went wild with my camera and video cam. This place has a very successful breeding program and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about the life of beautiful butterfly. We visited some others exotic places around Batu Ferringhi such as Tropical Spice Gardens, Fruit Farm, Penang Toy Museum and Craft Batik.

On the 2nd day, we visited the old charm of Georgetown. It was exactly what it is in the olden except for few very big new buildings being built under the colonial structures. Looking at it, the old Georgetown may be under the shadow of big buildings but it was as if time had stood still. Much of the old building has turn into heritage site which is well preserve and kept so that the younger generation of Penang can take pride of the decade long achievement. When we walk along Campbell Street passing the temples to the mosque and up to the famous Chulia
Street on our exotic island vacations, it seemed like I had been transported back to the future. The smells, the people and the surrounding are filled with wonderful calamity of colors and unbreakable harmony.

The Penang Hill is another impressive icon of Penang that remains unchanged. I remember hiking up Penang Hill on several occasions as a youngster. It's a fun loving adventure that I cherish till now. But this time round, we took a much more relaxing ride on the Swiss made funicular train.

We visited almost all the shopping mall in Penang as Julia just loved shopping. We went to the glitzy and expensive Gurney Plaza, the massive Queensway mall, Jusco and many more that I can't really remember the name. But one place that I truly recommended will be Midlands Park cos' it has lots of bargains and offer unbelievable price. No wonder this shopping mall is frequent by locals!

The 13.5 km Penang Bridge is a new architecture wonders of Penang. It compliments the remarkable development that Penang is experiencing right now. Not only that, I heard that there is a plan for the construction of a 2nd Penang Bridge which will be much longer, bigger and beautiful. I just can't wait to use it one day.  

At night, Batu Ferringhi comes alive and it is a great place to relax after the busy day. Pubs and clubbing is the main activities at night.

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Batu Ferringhi which makes dinning out becomes something for us to look forward too. The food is cheap, great and atmosphere is filled with excitement. The Long Beach Cafe' is famous for its hawker fare - Laksa, char kway teow, lok-lok, rojak and many more. It is a great place if you want to try different types of food on offer. Furthermore it is really cheap.

I could go on and on about how much the exotic island vacations in Penang means to us but there will be no end. Perhaps, I'll tell more when I visit this place again next year.

MICHEAL from Johor, Malaysia

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