Fireflies of Krian Rivers

Fireflies - Delightful Sighting of Nature's Lights

Comes holiday, take a memorable trip to the Penang Mainland of Nibong Tebal to witness the spectacular display of nature's lights. With the area first ever discoveries of fire flies
colonies along the Krian rivers, it provides a brilliant night show of magical scene.

The glowing insect of fire flies which are rarely found now days is making Krian River their homes. Such a delightful sighting can only be
cherished by visitor at the moment of time.

To see firefly's activities, you'll be taken on a one hour boat ride along the Krian Rivers
usually at about 7 to 8pm when it is getting dark. The river cruise also include among others, catching a sunset view at the river mouth and a stroll along the quiet and cool Krian Rivers.

For the first timer, seeing flickering lights on the mangroves trees, generated by the firefly's colonies is like looking at a glittering Christmas tree. It is a view that cannot be express by words. The boat will be steered near to the river bank at some part of the river so that you can get close-up and reach the glowing creature with your palm.

With enormous tourism potential, there is a plan by the state government to beautify the 4km Krian River from Byram and Nibong Tebal towards Kedah border. This includes beautify and strengthened the rivers banks, installing a proper jetty, adding a water path and also to set up few seafood restaurant along the river.

The new seafood restaurant along the river will be an addition to the existing 15 in the nearby town of Batu Kawan and Bukit Tambun that has started more than 10 years ago. Visitor will be treated with sumptuous fresh seafood delights after the exciting cruise. The cost of having a seafood dinner here will be much lower as compared to the island side. And... When talk about cheap, for less than RM 100, you can have variety of seafood dinner enough for 4 to 5 person.

In addition to this, The Penang Forestry Department has embarked on a program to do research on the multiplying capacity of the fireflies colonies to further promote eco-tourism in the area. The department will also plant more than 5000 "berembang" trees that can act as a filtration of light caused by the nearby resident homes, from damaging the habitat of the fragile colonies.

Some info about Firefies and why it glows.
The reason fire flies glow is to attract a mate. Males and females of the same species will flash signals back and forth as a way of communicating. Each fire flies species has its own particular pattern. Female fireflies hang out on a tree branch or in the grass while the males fly around showing off their best flashes. When a female recognizes the flash from a male of the same species, she will answer with her best flash.

Light production in fire flies is due to a chemical reaction that occurs in specialized light-emitting organs, usually on the lower abdomen.

Another reason that fire flies glow is to avoid predators. Fire fly are filled with a nasty tasting chemical called lucibufagens, and after a predator gets a mouthful, it quickly learns to associate the firefly's glow with this bad taste! So not only does the flashing help attract a mate, but it also warns predators to stay away.

Having lucibufagens is so important for survival that one species of firefly that can't make this chemical acquires it by eating other species that can make it. They do this by mimicking the flash pattern of another species and luring them in close. The unsuspecting male fire flies think he is going to find a mate, but instead becomes a tasty treat to the tricky fire flies.

Package Tour
The Seberang Perai Selatan Eco-Tourism Development Council (SPSDETDC) with the support of Penang State Government is putting in an effort to promote tourism activities in the small town of Penang mainland. This include organizing and approving agencies that provide tour package to visit the once sleepy town of Nibong Tebal.

Apart from witnessing up-close the brilliant lights emitted from the tiny creature, you will also be able to take a sunset or morning cruise along the river. Others attraction include visiting fish farm, a bat cave and experiencing "intimate" contact with octopus. For more info on the tour package to Nibong Tebal, click here!

You can also make your enquiries on the tour by calling the tel. number below:
1. 012-5554873 (CH Tan)
2. 019-6632218 (Roy Quah)

Getting There:
The town of Nibong Tebal is located at the Penang Mainland. It will take about 40 ~ 50 minutes journey from Georgetown to reach here. If you use Penang Bridge, follow the direction towards south (Ipoh or K.L). The bridge will be joining with North South highway upon reaching Penang Mainland. Drive straight until you reach exit point to Nibong Tebal.

From Nibong tebal Plaza toll, turn left and go up the flyover, exit at Jalan Atas. Turn left again after Jalan Baru exit and shell petrol station to reach the Krian River jetty. Refer to the map below for more info.