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Credit cards, utilities bills, housing loan payment, car installment and more...

Does that sound familiar?

If your answer is YES, then you're in the exact dilemma that I faced some 3 years back. Those years were the most difficult time in my entire life.

Like most of you, I work as an employee in a boring and mundane world. Dreaming to succeed one day and be in an elite group of rich and wealthy people - Own big house, driving
expensive sports car, travel the world and live in an exclusive lifestyle.

And what a dream it was. I was actually 'chasing after it' instead of 'living in it'.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Sam. I was born in Penang and had stayed there for more than 28 years before moving out to another state in Malaysia due to work commitment. I was reluctant to go in the first place but just didn't have much of a choice.  Penang is such a great place, trust me! Or else I wouldn't create this website and tell you all the wonderful things about it. So, back to my stories...

Life was tough. I had to wake up as early as 5am in the morning brazing endless traffic jammed just in time to start work. Going back is like a living hell! My work life actually starts at 5am and finished at 9pm (include overtime & traveling). I had to sacrifice many things - Precious time, family and zero entertainment, just to make ends meet.

And to tell you the truth, it’s really pathetic and not worth it.

I started to look for alternative way to supplement my income as I knew that changing job will not be any better. With little knowledge doing business, I explore many types of business opportunity. A business that doesn't requires high investment as I do not have that many in saving. Business such as selling insurance, direct selling and the list goes on.

But you know what? It is not exactly what I'm capable of as I'm not the kind of people who're born with thick face. I just can't "click" when standing face to face with people. I need to look for something else to do without dealing with real human.

Home Business Opportunity At eBay
My first break of finding additional income is thru' eBay. Yes! eBay. The world online marketplace. You might have heard it before - A great home business opportunity (I thought initially). I started selling watches, books, computer and many more using dropshipping methods.

First, I registered with Worldwide Brands - A company that provides me with the list of dropshipping companies. I pick up few supplier and advertise their product on ebay. A true dropshipping company won't cause a single cent to register but you'll need to pay to get hold of the information on where or how you can contact this companies. Worldwide Brands is the perfect place to start any eBay business.

If you do not know what dropshipping is, it simply means - You do not own or stockpile the product. When a customer ordering goods, I'll instead channel all my customer information to my dropshipping company. This company will then send the goods to my customer bearing my company name. I pay to my dropshipping company the member price and collect from my customer the retail price.

Sounds easy right? Well! The truth is...

Not really!

A lot of my times are spend sending and receiving e mail. It will be worst if there is a recall of refund. Income was not that great as I'm competing 'head on' with huge and sophisticated eBay's veteran. Another disadvantage is that you will became eBay slave forever, as you'll need to pay commission for every successful transaction that you did. Although I did make some income from there, but I quit after few month.

The Founding of Web Business
So I went back to my computer and do some searching. During searching for home business opportunity on the internet, I realize something.

Something that can just prise open my usual thick brain.

I realize that there is a lot of website out there - millions of it. I start to think, since so many people are using their website to do business, why don't I follow suit. It will be perfect as I need not deal with real humans.


The real challenge is not about owning a website but what can YOU do with the website. If selling stuff using eBay’s method, it'll land me back to square one. I need more ideas of how to start a website.

One thing that I do not know about the world of internet is that, there is huge home business opportunity when you go online. I found it out when come across a fantastic website call "Site Sell". It is the guru's of internet and it gave tremendous home business opportunity for people like me to succeed "ONLINE".

Oh boy!

And it REALLY works!

That's why www.penang-vacations.com was born. It is the real life example of how an
e-commerce novice like me can survive in a shark infested territory - With a boat without any rudder.

You too can do it. Trust me :-)

The ALEXA website ranking above will further proved my point. I started my website with ALEXA
ranking at 3,850,000. This out of about 56 million website out there. See for yourself what
is my website current ranking NOW! Not bad at all for a person without any HTML knowledge,

For your info, the higher your Alexa ranking, the farther you are from the top. And the farther your are, the more you need SBI! to build high volumes of targeted visitors.

If you like to see more proof of how others people did it, see the real case studies here. This are the people who is like me followed the proper SBI! Strategy and guidelines in building not only a website, but a website that WORKS!

Good Luck & All The Best To You!