Khoo Kongsi Clan House
Penang Grandest Masterpiece

The Magnificent Clan House of Khoo Kongsi

Many of you would be surprise to know that, clan association can be traced back to 650 years in Penang.

Leong San Tong, or famously known as Khoo Kongsi are the most distinctive and reputable clan house in Penang.

Their story can be traced to the late 18th century where the khoo's migrated from Sin Kang Village in China to Penang and involved themselves in trades and other careers. Although staying in an unfamiliar territory, they formed a closely-knit community and taking good care of each other’s.

The Majestic Leong San Tong

In 1851, the Khoo's purchase Anglo Malay style bungalow and convert it into clan house at the heart of Georgetown. They name it Leong San Tong.

The bungalow remains for 43 years before it was rebuilt based mainly on the Southern Fujian architecture back in 1894.

Today, Khoo Kongsi complex consists of the clan house Leong San Tong, an administrative building with a meeting hall and offices, an opera stage, and 62 units of terrace houses and
numerous shop houses.

Opera stage

Entrance to sourvenier shop

Wonderful craftsmanship

Entrance from
Beach Street

Entrance from
Armenian Street

Main entrance from Cannon Street

There are three hidden entrances to the complex. The first one is at Cannon street (main entrance), second is at the decorative archway facing Beach street (rear entrance) and the last on which is the side entrance is at the Armenian street. Although hidden but it is not too difficult to find. Look out for signboards that are put up leading you to the complex entrance.

Once inside the clan compound, you'll be easily overwhelm with the beauty and impressive view of Leong San Tong house.

The wonderful craftsmanship in woodcarving, stone carving, colored drawing, stucco sculpture, cut-and-paste decoration and tiled roof work of master craftsmen from Southern Fujian are simply awesome

There is also a Western influence in the architecture of Leong San Tong. For example, trapezium ceiling, wrought iron fencing of flora motif at the upper-floor which is custom-made in England, louvered windows and balusters at the rear verandah.

A great time to visit Khoo Kongsi will be during the Chinese Lunar New Year. During this period, the main building is lit up at night forming beautiful glittering lights that provide a spectacular view of the house. There is also some performance of an opera and lion dancing shows.

The austere grounds of the khoo Kongsi were used in March 1999 for the filming of Anna and
The King, a movie based on Anna Leonowens (Jodie Foster) acquaintance with King Mongkut (Chow Yuen Fatt) of Siam and his many children.

Looking at it, Khoo Kongsi clan house is indeed the grandest masterpiece of its type in South East Asia. Don't you agree?

Khoo Kongsi Map

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Opening Hour:
Daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays: 9 am to 5 pm

RM5 for adults and RM1 for children

Getting There:
Khoo Kongsi is made up of surrounding houses and courtyards in the heart of
Georgetown. Just look for the 3 hidden entrance as what the photo shown above.
And if you still can't find the place - Just ask!

18 Cannon Square, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-261 4609 Fax: 04-262 2591