Penang International Lantern Festivals

A Night To Remember At The Penang International Lantern Festivals

If you are a fan of the cutie hello kitty or the ferocious dinosaur, you will be thrilled when you visit Juru Auto City at the year end. This is when Penang International Lantern Festivals is being held in conjunction with Mid-Autumn festival. Here you can witness the famous cartoon character of Hello Kitty up close together with the others lantern exhibition. The famous cartoon character was specially brought in by Santrio Company Ltd (owner of Hello Kitty) to showcase the lanterns for all to see.

The Hello Kitty & Friends in Penang Safari festival is touted to be the largest of its kind in the region and will be featuring thousand of beautiful lantern. The entire lantern is built mimicking animals such as tiger, buffalo, wild birds, elephant and many others.

The lantern exhibition is separated into few section featuring different themes for easy viewing such as dino park, elephant land, hello kitty walkway, wild bird forest and volcano land. The main attraction will be the section featuring Penang bridge lantern which would be given different festive moods during the month long display. All the walkway bringing you to every section of the exhibition is creatively crafted so that you will not miss out any of the lantern being displayed.

There is also some live performance being held such as lantern parade, moon cake making contest, lantern making contest and moon cakes eating competition. Children will surely be entertained and will have the opportunity to take part in some contest that is being held, such with singing and dance performance, fashion and music show and photogenic contest.

From far, one can already see the dazzling and beautiful lantern brightened up the dark sky. The main entrance itself is captivating and alluring visitor with the adorable hello kitty waving and welcoming you. Such a magnificent beauty of dazzling lantern at night cannot be describe words. Go and witness yourself the superb glittering lights that fully transform the dull Penang skyline into a vibrant night.

Ticket to the festival, priced at RM15 for adults and RM10 for children aged below 12, is available at Auto-City's main entrance. There is also a 20% discount for locals or foreigner who is using local handphone number sponsored by maxis. Next year lantern festival are schedule to be held as usual and the exhibitor promise of a more special and unique lantern to be displayed. Make sure you jot down this important event in your busy calendar.

I have also taken some video shot during the festivals. Just click on the arrow to play this video. If you have a dial up or slower Internet connection, click on the pause button after starting the video and let it load all the way so the video plays through without any problems.