The Undisturbed & Tranquility
Of Pantai Kerachut
Undisturbed, unspoilt and tranquility is what best to describe Pantai Kerachut. Located at the north-east of Penang Island along the Muka Head cape, it is one of six beaches in Penang National Park.

This relatively unknown place is normally frequent by locals who went there to explore the lush greenery of Penang National Park and to camp at the designated campsite near the
beach. Lately, more and more foreign tourist starts to give this fantastic place, a stop over.

Perhaps, it is the charming and alluring beauty of Pantai Kerachut that makes' it, the best gateway to recuperate from the hectic city life.  

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There are two ways to get to the beach. First, is by walk/hike and the second is by boat. Taking a boat will be faster and will cost you approximately RM 15 per person (one way). There will be some fishermen boat along the stretch of Teluk Bahang that can brings you there. The price is not fixed, so try bargain for a good price.

Some hotels along Batu Ferringhi also provides' boat service to this beaches. For example, Golden Sands Resort and Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

Although, you can enjoy a more relaxing boat cruise to this place, walking has become more favored now-a-days. It's because the trails to Pantai Kerachut are much simpler and so much shorter compared to 4 years back. Various signboard are put up, leading you to Pantai Kerachut, Monkey Beach, Muka Head Lighthouse and some others beaches. The walk/hike will take between 1 ~ 2 hour’s journey along the lush greenery and astounding beauty of Penang National Park.

You'll need to register before heading into the park to prepare for any eventualities in case some of you did not made it back. Registration is of course, FREE!

Some of the Flora in the forest includes Cashew nuts which are common here. Fully grown timber trees are found inside the forest beyond the coast. Fauna such as bats and birds are very common. Monkeys are a nuisance as they raided campsites for food.

The calls from a pair of resident stock billed kingfisher in the evening occasionally break the monotonous beating waves and chirping birds. Wild boars and mousedeers are quite common during low tourist seasons.

Green Turtle

Meromictic lake

A thing to note is that, you can't find any food or drink sellers on this beach. Therefore, it is essential to bring our own. You wouldn't want to eat something from the wild, right?

And when evening comes, it is where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful sunset, amidst the beatings of endless ocean wave coming down the shores.

Enjoy your visit to the beach and have fun!