Penang Butterfly Farm

The farms of mystical colors and beauty - Penang Butterfly Farm
I don't know about you but for me, visiting natural parks and hills are definitely one of my favorite pastimes.

The tranquility, serenity and undisturbed nature have made me appreciated for there is still a place on earth that has been spared from the onslaught of modern development.

One of it that we are talking about TODAY! is The Penang Butterfly Farm.

Located at Teluk Bahang, a short drive from the stretch of hotels at Batu Ferringhi, the one hectares farm are the homes and sanctuary to a wide variety of insects, reptiles, fishes, plants and of course beautiful butterflies.

Penang Butterfly Farm has a population of 4,000 live tropical butterflies from 120 different species, including some very rare and famous ones, like the Indian Leaf (Kallima Paralekta), the endangered Yellow Bird wing (Troides Helena) and the Rajah Brooke's Bird wing, arguably Malaysia's most famous butterflies.

Upon reaching the farm, a giant three horn rhino beetle statue sited on the man made rocks will greet and welcome you. Parking is FREE if you drive on your own.

You'll need to pay entrance fees before going in. Information brochure is given upon entering to help walk your way around the farm. The brochure provides the actual name of the plants, insects and others small creatures that can be found there.

Inside you can see lush and well designed landscaped garden lined with several pathways. Along this pathway, you can find insect station such as caterpillar, scorpions and giant millipede, flowing fountains and a fish pond. Of course, not forgetting thousands of tropical butterflies flying freely in the farms.

Others activities and attraction in Penang Butterfly Farms
  • Mini Zoo - Consist of live collection of small insect
    such as grandis lizards, beetles, horned toad,
    oriental water dragon and many more.
  • Insect Museum - A wide range of insect species
    on display such as butterflies, beetles lizard just to
    name a few.
  • Art & Artifact Gallery - Featuring the largest
    exhibition of South East Asian art in the country
    displaying unique artifacts and tribal arts
  • Gift & Souvenir Outlet - Here you can find lots of
    memorable items such as key chain, decorative
    crystal paperweight using dead animals, glass
    replication of insects and many more.
  • Caterpillar Club (CC) - Education to introduce
    young ones to the world of insects and at the
    same time, give them a precursory feel of
    entomology, or the study of insects. Please
    contact the Penang Butterfly Farm for more info about
    these programs.

Mini Zoo

Bearded Dragon

Rhino Beetle

Sadly to say that butterfly is a very fragile creature and has an average lifespan of only 3 days.

Not only that, according to comments given by Dr. Mark Collins at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, not even one butterfly species has become extinct through collecting. It's the destruction of natural habitat that is speeding up the annihilation of the butterflies.

So, appreciate the beauty of this mesmerizing creature before it disappears.

Penang Butterfly Farm Map

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Opening Hour:
Daily: 9am to 6pm (Last Entry at 5pm)

Penang Butterfly Farm is open 365 days all year round except half day on the eve of Chinese New Year Day. Kindly take note that show time from the Penang Butterfly is no longer available and we have replaced it with free&  easy Nature Guided Tour inside the farm, available daily.

Large Groups - Discounts are available to school bookings and other large groups. Please contact us for prior bookings and other services such as our educational programs which can be conducted in groups.

ADULT: RM 27.00 per person
CHILD: RM 15.00 per person
CHILD (3 years&  below): FREE ADMISSION
SENIOR CITIZEN: RM13.50 per person (proof of age required)
MYKAD/MYKID HOLDER: 33.3% discount on adult/child entrance price (upon  presentation of MyKad/MyKid)

Digital Video Camcorder: FREE OF CHARGE
Digital Camera: FREE OF CHARGE

Getting There:
Penang Butterfly Farm is located at Jalan Teluk Bahang. About 10 ~ 15min drive
from Batu Ferringhi. Don't worry, plenty of signboard has been put up to make sure
it can be easily found.

    Penang Butterfly Farm
    No 830 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia
    Tel: 604-885 1253   Fax: 604-885 2011 / 885 174