Watching Your Blockbuster Movies
At Penang Cinemas

Exciting entertainment experience at Penang Cinemas

If watching movie is your favorite pastime activities, you won't be left out in Penang. The booming economy that Penang is experiencing today has resulted in newer and bigger shopping malls being built to tap the unstoppable shoppers craze. And to compliment the beautiful shopping malls is the great and sleek design of Penang cinemas.

Currently, Golden Screen Cinema (GSCs), Cineplex and Cathay Mega Pavilion Cineplex
dominate the movie industries in Penang. The state of the art cinema is located at some of the famous shopping malls in the island such Gurney Plaza, Prangin Mall and Queensbay Malls.

In the olden days, movies in Penang were screened one at a time and about four times a day. The tickets were purchased from small perforated booklet and color pencils were used to mark out seats sold on a sheet of the cinema's floor plan. You can also bring your own food and drinks into the cinema.

Penang cinemas of today were a distant cry from the old cinema (panggung wayangs). The scenario of the movie theaters has transformed into a huge
magnitude with some cinema screening 4 to 5 movies concurrently. From the fancy lobby to the computerized selling of tickets and choosing of seats, cinema going was never the same again. If you do not have the time to queue for your favorite blockbuster movie, you can even get your ticket thru phone or even thru internet.
Just make sure that you collect your movie ticket an hour before showtime.

Penang cinemas is not restricted to watching a movie anymore as it has become a complete package of entertainment. Some Penang cinemas has a small lounge as waiting area, equipped with sofas and chairs, pool tables, juke box, vending machines, plasma TVs and Free internet surfing.

Other items that are available in the modern Cineplex’s are cute and somewhat costly movie memorabilia like cups, t-shirts, caps, posters, key chains and many other adorable items. Some of the Cineplex’s also distribute little freebies like movie postcard as promotional items for forthcoming movies.

No outside food is allowed in Penang cinemas but you can brings in popcorn, carbonated drinks and other foodstuffs that are available from the lobby and Cineplex cafe.

From my experience, if there is a new blockbuster movie like Harry Porter, Spiderman and Star
wars showing, tickets are normally sold out! So, try to get your ticket early to avoid