Discover The Nostalgic Moments
On Board Penang Ferry
It's amazing that Penang ferry which started her maiden journey back in 1920s is still making its daily round along the busy water of Penang. Currently manage by the Penang Port, the ferry was the only mode of transportation connecting Penang Island and the Mainland back then. Getting onboard Penang ferry brings in many fond memories and unforgettable events that can never be forgotten.

Today, the betel nut orange Penang ferry has
became an iconic figure to the historic Penang and has made news in many travelogues and brochures all over the world. For many travellers, one of the MUST things to do when they visit Penang is to take the short 15 minute cruise on board Penang Ferry.

Georgetown view taken from Penang Ferry

You have two options when using this ferry service. If you are driving or take a motorcycle, just leave your vehicle on the 1st section of the ferry, switch off your engine and enjoy the breezy journey. The ferry operators will guide all cars into the ferries before motorcycle is allows to get in. The queues to get into the ferry is normally around 15 min on normal day and can be up to an hour on weekend and public holidays.


Trust me! It is well worth it.

Signboard to Ferry Terminal at Butterworth

Toll Booth

If you are pedestrian, you can get onto the 2nd section with plenty of open air deck to view the scenery - be it the bustling port of Penang, the 13.5-kilometre long Penang Bridge or ever changing scenery of downtown Georgetown.

At the pedestrian sitting on the top section, the wooden chairs were still well preserved. There was no luxurious setting on the ferry, but the nostalgic feeling was all worth it. You could lean against the open windows and felt the warm breeze of the sea. There is a section previously on the top deck selling light snack and drinks, but not anymore. You can still see the abandon space on some older ferries.

The ferry ride was short and it took about 15 minutes to reach the Penang Island.

With the government's initiative, you'll notice that most of the ubiquitous betel nut orange ferries
have been beautifully and brightly painted as a project to beautify the ferries. You'll never miss
them when you pass by the ferry terminal near the Weld Quay area. Penang ferry is also given
nicknames of the many beautiful islands in Malaysia such as Pulau Undan, Pulau Payar or
Pulau Talang Talang.

Normally visitors will enter the island of Penang from Seberang Perai through the Penang Bridge
and return by the ferry. This will be a good arrangement to enjoy spectacular view of the
two most iconic mode of transportation in and out of the island.

Penang Ferry Rate :
Adult RM1.20
Children (between 5 to 12 years old) RM0.60

Seasons Ticket (Pedestrians) – valid for two months from date of issue
Adult RM30.00

Special passengers
School children RM6.00 (per month)
Card for disabled people - Free

Bicycle: RM1.40
Motorcycle (inclusive of pillion rider): RM2.00
Trishaw/tricycle: RM3.00
Motorcar: (including station wagon, four-wheel drive, three-wheel commercial
vehicle, motorcycle with side car): RM6.50
Lorry (2 axles with 4 wheels): RM13.20
Lorry (2 axles with 6 wheels): Not Allowed

Penang Ferry Schedule :
Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim (Mainland side) - Butterworth Terminal
First ferry departure : 0600 hours
Last ferry departure : 0100 hours

Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda (Island side) - Weld Quay
First ferry departure : 0530 hours
Last ferry departure : 0030 hours

Penang Ferry Fleet :
  • Pulau Undan
  • Pulau Angsa
  • Pulau Rimau
  • Pulau Pinang
  • Pulau Payar
  • Pulau Kapas
  • Pulau Rawa
  • Pulau Talang-talang