Penang Festivals - Magical Moments
& List of Wonderful Events

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The Colorful Display of Penang Festivals

Penang is enriched by various ethnic communities co-existing in harmony with each others. The historic city are also blessed with a multi-faceted culture brought about by the integration of the many races which form its population. With each community making its unique and special contribution, no doubt Penang managed to preserve a traditional way of life, particularly with respect to the observance of cultural and religious festivities, among many other things.

And to witness personally, the most unique and colorful festivals that Penang has to offer is indeed, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Throughout the year, Penang dazzles her visitors with contrasting cultures and live
festivities. It doesn't matter where you are from as this dynamic and great event caters for everyone. This year Penang will be again organizing a fantastic and a memorable program filled with grand events and non-stop entertainment to thrills all of you. It will be one of the unforgettable moments to feel and taste the diverse cultures which makes' Penang today.

Do note that Penangites love having tourists or visitor participate in the local festivals and religious events but it is important to know what can or can't be done and to be respectful and mindful of each community's sensitivities especially when visiting place of worships. Below are some of the facinating festivals that is celebrated in Penang. As some of the events are determined by lunar calender, dates are not fixed. If you plan to join the Penang festivals, do check for the actual dates before coming. 

Enjoy your stay in Penang and have fun!

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