Penang Hill - The Cool & Refreshing Holidays

Penang Hill - The "Uplifting" Experience

One of the must see places in Penang is no other than Penang's Hill. The cool and
refreshing hill is about 833 m (2723 ft) above sea level and is one of the famous tourist attractions in Penang. You can either climb up the hill or take a more relaxing and nostalgic ride on the Swiss made red Funicular train or better known as 'Keretapi Bukit' in Malay.

The Penang's Hill train is a fascinating little cable train service that lift you out of the heat and humidity of the city center to a more cooling and fantastic view of the untouched tropical forest of Penang.

As the seat in the train cabin is very limited (80 person), you'll miss your seat if you are not quick enough. Anyway, most of the passenger likes to stand as they will be able to view and capture the magnificent beauty of the forested hills. The landscape view will adds to the fun of traveling upwards at 45 degrees to the hill top.

Penang's Hill train is not design to carry only tourist. Goods are carried on a small rail-wagon attached to the back of the train. Along the way to the hilltop, there are stations where by passenger can alight and to deliver the goods. There are beautifully crafted stonework of the tunnels and the elaborate cast iron scroll-work that decorates the entrance of each station which reminds you of some English rural railway picked up and draped across this jungle hillside. The train service is regular; timetables are readily available and like most things in Malaysia, reliable!

One thing that you should not forget when visiting Penang Hill is to bring along your camera or video cam. Just half way up the hill, you will be able to see some of the largest bamboo tree, countless of monkey running wild in the jungle, stately hillside bungalow with extraordinary gardens, mountain streams that tumble through moss-covered boulders encrusted with ferns and bush orchid. So, be prepared to "shoot" (on your camera), the one in a life time experience.

Penang Hill in the earlier time was the favorite retreat for the European administration, many who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the hectic Georgetown. Today you can see locals and many tourists visiting the hills that have fast gaining reputation.

Upon reaching the summit you can just leisurely walk around the hilltop, stop for a cup of tea, enjoy a lunch, buy a souvenir, visiting the nearby bird park or just sit down and simply take a deep breath of cool mountain air. If you like to stay for a night at the hilltop, you can book your room at the Bellevue hotel. The price is a little bit expensive but the stay is definitely worth it.

My advice is that try not to come during Penang public holidays as the ride to the hilltop will normally be crowded and the queue will be very long.

AZMAN from Singapore

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