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Penang Holiday – Others Island Excursion

Can't get enough after visiting Penang Island? Why not try some of the others island around Penang that is equally interesting. This will definitely provides you with further satisfaction and could even complete your great island exploration.

Penang is blessed with several offshore islands. The best known, of course for good reason, are Langkawi Island, Payar Island, Pulau Jerejak and Pulau Aman. Quite a distance away will be the famous Pangkor Island.

The entire offshore islands "merely" deliver the usual Penangites perfection... blue skies, warm water, great water sports, snorkeling and idyllic secluded beaches.

So, if you can't get enough after your Penang holiday, you can consider taking a boat ride to this interesting place that comes with completely different environment and exotic experience.

It is like you are visiting several countries in one day...

Errr... Without leaving Penang!

Sounds exotic?

Sounds impossible?

Eager to move on?

Let's get started!

Pulau Jerejak
The small island boasts many ancient emerald environments which are known to be older than the equatorial forests of the Amazon or the Congo with an ecosystem that is both inspiring and engaging.

Pulau Aman
The "Island of Peace" or Pulau Aman (in Malay) is a small island in Penang that is home to a traditional Malay village. Situated on an island covering an area of about 115-hectare, the place is (if you ask me!) the gateway to tranquility and serenity.

Pulau Payar
Situated in the northern part of the Straits of Melaka, 19 nautical miles south of Langkawi and 40 nautical miles north of Penang, Pulau Payar Marine Park is one of the very popular tourist destinations. The island of 1.7km long and spread over only 31 hectares consist of 3 others smaller island, namely Pulau Lembu, Pulau Segantang and Pulau Kaca and are surrounded by magnificent coral reefs.