Penang Island - A Special And Unforgettable
Travel Destination

It's amazing that the turtle shape Penang Island which is located in peninsular Malaysia has many great things to offer. Famously known as "The Pearl of Orient", Penang has long been one of Asia's greatest travel destinations.

For centuries, the multi-faceted personality of Penang are famously known for her multiple places of attraction, exotic heritage, mysterious temples & lots of palm-shrouded beaches - that makes it truly a special & cozy travel

Penang Island are bless with the warmth of their multi racial society comprising of Malays, Chinese, Indians & others. It's amazing to know that the community there are able to live together for so long in harmony & respected of each others religion despite the differences in their races. So, if you're a westerner & happen to be with community, don't worry! - I can bet that you'll be treated & accepted like a friend or a family and not like some weird and funny people.

With the multi-cultural and multi-religious society, it is no wonder that a century old church, a Chinese temple, an Indian temple & a Muslim mosque is located in close proximity to each others. You will able to see this for yourself if you got a chance to tour around the historic city of George Town (capital of Penang) either by walking of taking a more relaxing trishaw ride.

And if you enjoy eating...

What else can I say! You have come to the right place.

Food! Is what Penang is really all about. From the famous hawker centre at gurney drive selling local delicacies such as satay, asam laksa & char kway teow to a more classy restaurant that offer local & international cuisine - The variety of mouth watering delicacies is just too much to ignore. You can just eat till you drop!

The breathtaking view & beautiful scenery of the whole of Penang Island can be clearly seen especially if you are inside the 65 storey of Komtar - The tallest building in the island at the moment. Because of the fascinating beauty and charming attraction that Penang has, many enthusiastic photographers have portray Penang as a "land of dreams".

Holiday in Penang Island will no doubt bring back fond memories & great experience to many people's who has been here before. The enigma & charm that this island possesses can easily make you fall in love with her at the first sight.

And when this happened, you'll rekindle back the fun, the laughter & the happy times that you once had on this beautiful island.

Trust me! I've been here before and know what it's like to have those wonderful feeling.

The adrenalin feelings that you just can't forget...

Happy Vacations Guys!

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