Revitalizing Penang Komtar
Time To Revamp Penang Komtar To Its' Former Glory

A change of state government recently brings
much hope and possibilities that new changes
and development is coming in for the "Pearl Of
The Orient". One of it will be the revamping of
Penang most iconic landmarks -- Komtar. Not
much has been done to bring the Penang
highest building that house government office
into regaining its' shine.


All this is going to change. The first thing
that the new state government is looking into
right now is to revamp the once gloomy and
decaying Komtar into one of the greatest asset
that Penangites can be proud of.

The task of bringing Komtar to its former glory is
given to the current Komtar assemblyman, Mr.
Ng Wei Aik whom himself promise to ensure the smooth implementation of project that will be
carried out. This includes reviewing of contracts run by the private companies such as the
multi-storey car parks, to fill up vacant office and shopping lots and to transform Komtar into an I.T or entertainment hub.

The government will also invite expert to form a special committee into redeveloping Komtar. This committee
will work on the new Komtar concept that is both creative and business friendly. Although revamping Penang
Komtar totally will take about 5 to 10 years, Mr. Ng is optimistic that the implementation will be smooth sailing.

Coming July, The Store Corp will be opening two department stores that have been left vacant by Super
Komtar and Yaohan Department Store. This include the RM15 million Pacific Supermarket and The Store which is own by the group.

The 5-phase Komtar project was first started in the early 1960s and undertaken by the state's development arm, Penang Development Corp (PDC). The Komtar project
Phase 1 - Comprising the 65-storey Komtar tower, Geodesic dome, part of the 4-storey podium and the 17-storey Traders Hotel;
Phase 2A - The remainder of the 4-storey podium and a multi-storey car park;
Phase 2B, 3 & 5 - Originally earmarked to be developed for commercial purpose. However, phase 2A& 2B has to be scrapped due to more car parks needed. The newest mall by Parkson Group under Phase 5 is now being built that will comprises a cinema, car park and shopping complexes. It is schedule for completion in 2009.

Another new development will be the Wembley Park (famously known by locals as
Choon Man Hui) was on track. This includes building a hotel, shopping mall and a hawker center. It will bring a new lease of life for the tenant around the vicinity.

Although the new changes might be few years away, but many Penangites sees this as the "new dawn" and a "beacon of hope" that will transformed Penang Komtar and to ensured its' continuous legacy.