Penang Historical Insight At
Penang Museum & Art Gallery
Penang Museum & Art Gallery

Walking along the streets of Georgetown provides you with many memorable experiences and with a stunning view of Penang many
pre-war buildings. Among all the beautiful andmarks of Penang heritage architecture is the Penang State Museum which is located at Farquhar Street (Lebuh Farquhar).

The museum boasts many historical artifacts that give much insight into the lives of the multi ethnic community in Penang.

Penang museum & art gallery was first open to public in 1965 after undergone several renovation which includes re-paintings and re-arrangement of the museum historical collection. From far, with the museum painted "all white", one might just mistaken the museum for high courts or any government building.

The Penang State Government proposed setting up a state museum in 1962 which was well accepted by the then prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. He mooted the idea of using the Hutching School building, as it is now occupying the original Penang Free School, where Tunku had been a pupil.

Some of the museum collections feature Penang historical evolutions since its founding by the British in 1786 until the early 20th century. This includes old paintings, art gallery, old photograph, maps, charts, old documents, Chinese furniture, embroidery, Malay wedding costumes and priceless historical relics.

At the museum courtyard you will be able to see the original Penang Hills funicular railway carriage, anchor from the French destroyer "Mosquet", cannon and the billboard of Penang founder; Captain Francis Light.

The fully air-conditioned museum (a nice escape for the hot and humid weather) is separated into 2 levels. The ground floor offers historical insight of the lives of the three major communities: Malay, Chinese and the Indians. As one of the first city that started from sea trade, Penang has brought myriads of multi-racial communities co-existing side by side. It is a distinctly different culture yet uniquely Malaysian.

Over the years, these races came to dominate Penang colorful and multi-ethic society. It provides spectacular milestones that mark significance in the lives of Penangites of yesteryears.

The museum first floor provides visitor with the history of Penang starting from its founding as a British settlement in 1786 by Captain Francis Light until the early 20th century. The colorful history of Penang is unveiled through series of photographic panels, some exhibition site, audio-video presentation as well as numerous paintings by two English artists; William Daniels and Captain Robert Smith. Refer to the floor map below for more info.

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Opening Hour :
9:00am to 5:00pm. Closed on Friday and Public Holidays

Getting There :
Penang Museum & Art Gallery is in Central Georgetown on Lebuh Farquhar, in
between Jalan Masjid Kapitan Kling (Lebuh Pitt) and Love Lane (Lorong Cinta).

Rapid Penang Bus Route No: U103 / U104 / U204

Admission :
Adult : RM1