Penang Restaurant - Your Terrific Setting Of
Genuine Asian Flavors
You're having a great memorable holiday at Penang and now, you want your special experience splurge on a great meal in a terrific gateway!

It doesn't matter whether you are here for a first time or has been here many time before as the alluring & aroma of Penang Food can never be enough. Variety is how you sum up your
unforgettable dining in Penang.

Being a multi racial country, Penang has a lot to offer in terms of providing multi ethnic cuisine; be it Chinese, Malays, Indian, Nyonya, Western or even the Japanese.

With the huge selection of mouth watering and delicious food, Penang offers the mixture of excellent local delicacies up to exotic Asian and Western taste.

Seafood lovers will find place such as Eden Seafood Village - a perfect place to enjoy fresh catch from the sea. Vegetarian will not feel being left out with scores of Vegetarian restaurant selling their favorite dishes. Dim Sum lovers will find place such as Tai Tong (Lebuh Cintra, off Campbell Street), a perfect eating place. For Indian, there is no better place other than the restaurant situated at Little India. You can find some of the best and famous Penang Nasi Kandar there.

Talk about variety - There is even some Penang restaurant selling cuisines hailing from Korea, Thailand, Italy, French and Swiss.

And if you are Mr. Joe average type that can only get by with a shoe string budget, why not proceed to the open air hawker centre where the price is many times cheaper yet the food is still taste 'So... GOOD!'

With an affordable price of RM 3 to RM 4 for a bowl of noodles, you'll be easily overwhelmed and perplexed with the variety and quality of food that are available.

Should you still need advise on where to find the best Penang food, just ask any Penangites. They will be more than happy to help and will give you their own recommendation on why Penang food is one of the best in the country.