Savour The Taste Of Penang Rojak!

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You can call it a fruit rojak or fruits salad but whatever it is, Penang Rojak is certainly one of the main favorite among locals as well as tourist alike. Sold in almost every part of the island from hawker stalls up to a more fancied restaurants, Penang Rojak is one of the main dish to whet your appetites whenever you are in Penang.

At a quick glance, you might feel a little bit eerie to try it out due to the nature of the dish which is dark in color and unknown ingredients being used. But if you just take one bite, I guarantee that immediately, you'll become the hard core Rojak fan in Penang, like me.

The delicious Penang style rojak consists typically of cucumber, pineapple, mango, jambu (water apple/rose apple), cuttlefish, turnip (jicama), bean sprouts, taupok (puffed soya bean cake) and youtiao (fried dough fritters). The dressing is made up of sugar, chili, lime juice and the pungent Hae Ko (dark prawn paste). All the fruits are cut into small bites portions and tossed in a bowl with the dressing to properly mix it. Together with the last ingredients which are crushed peanuts and crunchy crackers, the rojak is served for a totally satisfying snack or meal.

Ingredients might vary among the Rojak sellers in Penang, but you can rest assured that the taste will definitely be unique and you'll have your money worth. The cost for a plate of Rojak in Gurney Drive varies from RM3 (small) to RM10 (extra large). You can try to order the cheaper ones first but with the enticing taste, you'll end up order 2 more. No kidding!

Others place where you can eat great rojak is at Pulau Tikus, Air Itam, Macalister Road and Swatow Lane. When you order your rojak, you can ask the sellers to add more chill or removed some fruits that you do not like or perhaps if you like particular fruits like pineapple, ask for more.

The secret of Penang Rojak lies in a small plastic container of Rojak paste. Some are made from prawn and some are made from shrimp. You can find that the paste use here is totally different from others Malaysia states as it is stickier and much tasty. Once you got the chance to eat Penang Rojak, you'll never want to eat the Penang
Rojak variant from other states.

Trust me, I've tried eating the so call "Best Penang Rojak" variant in Johor and really the taste is a big disappointment. It's more watery, the fruits are not fresh, the taste is a letdown and it is so much expensive. They can call their rojak the best in Johor or K.L but to me the distinctive taste of Penang rojak can never be the same elsewhere.

Some rojak sellers also sell their main recipe, the rojak paste! Normally if I found a great rojak paste, I'll buy some and keep them in the refrigerator. Once I feel like want to eat, I'll just prepare some fruits on my own and dip it into the cold rojak paste. It tastes just as good. Try it out!

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