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At Penang Tourist Attractions
Penang Tourist Attractions
A vacation to escape the chilling winter this season? Or to find a place to relax during long school holidays? Then, why not give Penang Island a try?

Penang is a perfect place for all vacationist, young and old alike. And with the scores of Penang Tourist Attractions that showcase the culture, the beauty& the charm on this lovely island - It is a trip worth visiting and remembering.

There are so much to tell about the places of interest in Penang that has developed into a unique & special characteristic.

No Way! Is the answer, if you say that you can explore the whole of Penang Island in just days or even in weeks. There are simply too many great places to go, to explore and to discover.

And if you really scrutinize every nook and cranny of Penang, you'll find that it's amazing that Penang Tourist Attractions has it all - Exotic tropical beaches, famous heritage trail, exiting nature parks, multi-cultural worshippers places & of course - beautiful gardens & hills. Killing few birds in one stone is all I can describe.

When you walk along the corner of the famous Chulia and Beach Street, you'll get to see the colonial quarters such as Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion & many others historical buildings. Just make sure that you wear a comfortable running shoes and a bring a bottle of mineral water cos', there'll going to be a lot of walking to do.

If you found that the hot sunny weather of Penang is too much to bear, retreat yourself to a more cooler places at another Penang Tourist Attractions - The Penang Hills.

With the temperature at around 20 to 25 degree Celsius, it is a place for you to rejuvenate your body by enjoying the cool and fresh air of the forested hill. You can also catch some of the great Penang view from here.

For the fun loving and outdoor enthusiast , there are numerous beaches that is worth to explore into such as Batu Feringghi, Teluk Bahang, Muka Head and etc.

You won't get to see clear blue water like those in the distance island such as Redang or Tioman but all this can be compensated with an exciting water sports added with numerous adventurous activities: Parachuting, canoeing, horse riding and sailing just to name a few.

And not forgetting - A FREE! Sun tanning for all.

Due to the fact that Penang is a multi religious society - Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Taoism can be preached here. That is why you will get to see in Penang, an abundance of worship places that cater for nearly every faith. Some of the popular ones which are the Penang Tourist Attractions will be Kek Lok Si Temple, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Mahamariamman Temple, St. Anne Church, Khoo Kongsi and others. If you plan to visit these places, just make sure that you wear a decent attire and try not to bring any food or alcohol into the place of worship.

Penang Tourist Attractions also consists of beautiful landscape parks such as botanical garden at Jalan Air Terjun - A great place to take picture. The flora and fauna of this parks are simply awesome. You'll get to see various species of birds, flowers, trees & butterflies that welcome your every visit.

With so much to do and look forward to  in one trip, what else could you ask for in a vacation? All you need is to find a nice and interesting place for a vacation - Why scratch your head and make things too difficult for you? Come and experience yourself the spectacular moments at
Penang - The gateway to Asia's greatest travel destination.

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2. Old Building and Monument
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