Penang Video Tour
Exciting Way To See Penang!

Penang Video Tour
As an island of enchantment, Penang sizzles and dazzles her visitors with contrasting cultures and colourful fiesta throughout the year. Together with series of dynamic events that took place, Penang is fills with non-stop fun and activities.

It is a mystical island whose every crevice, every corner, is filled with utmost beauty and peace. And to describe it with words alone is definitely not enough.

Somehow, it seems that no matter how you string a phrase together, or how you compose a photograph, it will never be real, ultimately, completely, to justify just how spectacular Penang really is.

But I'm not going to stop it right here let alone giving up. So, it's time for another way to experience Penang from a distance. The Penang Video awaits! Let us start with...

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