Pulau Aman or 'Island of Peace'
Penang Gateway To Peace & Tranquility

The "Island of Peace" or Pulau Aman (in Malay) is a small island in Penang that is home to a traditional Malay village. Situated on an island covering an area of about 115-hectare, the place is (if you ask me!) the gateway to tranquility and serenity.

As an idyllic fishing village with a population of only three hundred, the majority of people on Pulau Aman are elderly folks and laughing, fun loving children. Life on the island is simple in traditional ways with man and nature of co-existing in harmony with one other. Here the warmth of the sun is only rivaled by the warm friendliness of the locals.

Fishing, water sports and jungle trekking are some of the popular activities of holiday-makers on the island. Places of interest, each with their own fascinating story to tell, await the exploration of the adventurous.

The nearest access to the island is from the one street village of Bukit Tambun. From a distance, you could see colorful boats moored at the jetty, gently bobbing up and down and scattered huts that dots the land between the hills and the shore. Nearer to the island, the sights of rustic houses along the coastline were indeed peaceful and relax.

At the Pulau Aman Jetty, there is a fabulous restaurant (Restaurant Sri Nelayan) that sells fresh seafood. Their specialties is prawn noodle, prawn fried rice and everything that has anything to do with prawn. According to the owner, Mr. Abdul Halim, his fresh prawns were picked alive and kicking from cages before ending up in the kitchen. Famous VIPs that has been eating here includes the Chief Minister of Penang and Penang Governor.

Pulau Aman Exploration
It's pretty easy to explore the small island. Along its coastline, there is a 4 kilometer pathway that could bring you to the pebbled beaches which are shaded by coconut tree. There even a kayaks for rent for those who likes sea adventure. If you are physically fit, you can consider hiking to the top of the hill for a panoramic view of the Penang mainland. Else, just rent a bicycle and explore the details of the quaint village.

Next, at the Jalan Telaga Emas, it will lead you to an old well dating back to 1789. This well is unique because it never runs dry even during the worst drought and its water continues to remain fresh even when mixed with sea water. Many visitors draw water from the well to bathe in as it is believed that it will bring them good luck.

According to the legend, there is a young man who discovered a spring when digging on a beach. He decided to dig deeper to make a well for the villagers. To his surprise, he found a golden vase. He quickly rushed to the village to tell the others but when they went back to the spot, they found only gold-colored stones.

When British officials heard of the incident, they hired some villagers to search for the gold-colored stones. Samples were sent for analysis and the results showed they were not gold after all. Digging was stopped when a depth of 2.3 meters was reached.

There is also an old grave at the top of the hill near Batu Perompak which is believed to be the final resting place of a pirate chief called Panglima Garang. "Batu Perompak" literally means "Pirate's Rock" and in the olden days it was the haunt of pirates who plundered the waters around the island.

At the nearby island of Pulau Gedung, there is a "Gua Lanun" or "Pirates' Cave" where pirates sheltered and hoarded their loot. You can get to the island by hiring a boat for about RM 60 (max. 12 person). You can also find some of the World War II ammunitions depot here.

A fishing excursion trip to the offshore kelong is another place not to be missed. You can make enquiry at the ticketing counter near the jetty for the different packages available.

Getting There
From Georgetown, drive south along the North-South Highway to the coastal village of Bukit Tambun (about 20kms). Here, you can catch a boat to Pulau Aman from the nearby town, Bukit Tambun (located at the mainland). The boat departs to Pulau Aman at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. The return journey is 8am, noon, 3pm and 6pm. The fare is RM4 for adults and RM2.50 for children.

Where To Stay
Home stay programs as well as beachfront chalets are available. For enquiries, please contact Pulau Aman Fishermen Association at 04-530 7185. Two recommended chalets are Teratak Desa Chalet (016-413 7159, 04-530 7185) and Bougainvillea Chalet (04-530 6501).

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