Shopping In Penang
A whole new experience for shopping in Penang

If you are a "shopper's manics" and just loves buying new stuff, then you've come to the right place.  

Widely known as the shopper's paradise and boasted by some of the heavyweight names such as Prangin Mall and Megamall, Penang shopping malls is a heaven place for all shopping enthusiast.

Although Penang has loss her "Free Port" (Duty FREE) status which was given to Langkawi island back in the 80's, it still remains a favorite shopping destination among locals and tourists.

Penang shopping malls are strategically and conveniently located in and around the city such as Komtar in Georgetown, Gurney Plaza in Gurney Drive & Island Plaza in Tanjung Tokong.

You can find just about anything in there - Food, clothes, CDs and DVDs, electrical items, antiques, cinema, furniture, opticians, salons, video arcades, clinics and the list goes on...

A thing to note is that inside the malls, all items sold are of "fixed" price (unless there is a discount on special occasion). So if you are a "bargain hunter's", sadly said - You'll be disappointed!

In this site, I've listed some of the famous and most frequent visits Penang shopping malls in the Island as well as at the Mainland. You'll be overwhelm with what you can find here - Promise!

And.. If you do not like to shop at the shopping malls (too expensive), there are others place where you can do your shopping (the cheapest way) - Penang night market, flea market, antique shops, streets peddlers at Penang street and many more. This will be the place where you can brings out your bargaining skills and to test your patience.

So... If you're ready to go for an endless shopping in Penang tour - Click here!

Happy Shopping Guys! (Err... Ladies)