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Are you interested in having your web site's link placed in my Site Exchange Directory & becoming a Link Partner?

Do you know that having an inbound links will make your site more prominent & generate more TRAFFIC?

Exchanging links sure seem to be the most cost effective and responsive ways of getting visitors to your sites. If you like to become my partner in this program, please fill in the  link request form & submit to me for review.

Others important note to know before form submission.

  • Once your form submission has been approved, I will send you an notification  
    E-mail containing information on my link that is to be place into your site. I'll
    put up your link into my web page within 7 days after the link to my site are
    available and workable at your site.
  • I will notify you also thru E-mail once your link has been posted inside my Site
    Exchange Program page.
  • Please link to me from a page that is directly accessible from your site's home
    page and NOT junk page which unreadable or unaccessible.
  • Keep your link description short in less than 200 characters. I'll do minor
    changes on your description if there's a spelling or grammar mistake.
  • I reserve the right to refuse site exchange with sites that I feel are
    inappropriate matches for my site.

Over here, I'll try my best in keeping my link record neat, tidy & of best quality. I
hope that you'll do the same too for me. By making our site exchange (links)
WORKS, it will give us a great flexibility and opportunity to build a successful online

Click here! to get your request form and participate in our Site Exchange program.

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