Hassle FREE! Way To Travel In Penang

Is it difficult to travel in Penang?

That is the question that normally people would ask. Well! If you ask me, the answer is NO. Touring around Penang island is not only easy but it is very convenience.

It doesn't matter whether you want to visit temples, beaches, parks, old monument or some others interesting places in Penang as all this places are easily accessible and well connected.

Penang transportation that comprises of buses, taxi, cars rental, trishaw or even motorcycle rental are pretty common here. With the latest addition to the public transportation which is the monorail, I can say that Penang will be proud one day to have one of the most complete and integrated transport in the country.

Bus service which is the cheapest of all covered most part of Penang. Cars and taxis are more suitable if your journey is some distance away from city center and it can get you to your destination in the shortest time. Trishaw, motorcycle or bicycle rental are your best bet if you just like to hang around the city centre and explore in details the hidden gems of Penang.

Depending on your budget as well as what are the place that you would like to go, my aim here is to provide you with the latest information and proper guidance so that your visit in this beautiful island will be hassle free and of course trouble free.

OK! Enough with the crap, let us start with the most basic and important transport that Penang has at the moment - The Bus.

Travel In Penang By Paid Buses
As the recent launch bus service in Penang, Rapid Penang definitely marked a total improvement to Penang public transportation system. With easy to read signboard, a proper route map and helpful drivers, the bus seems to grab the attention of every Penangites.

Rapid Penang's fleet of comfortable and clean buses will definitely help bring back the shine to the Pearl of the Orient. More on Rapid Penang.

Travel In Penang By City Shuttle Bus (CAT)
Others than the paid buses, Penang has a free shuttle bus or central area transit (CAT) that is touring popular place in George Town such as KOMTAR, Penang road and temples. The service runs at regular 20-minute intervals from 6:00am to 12:00am every day including Sunday and public holidays. This service is provided by the state government and should you need further information, do call them at 04-263 7637 or at vist them at www.mppp.gov.my. Don't miss out on this free service. To see what are the route taken by the bus, click on the image below.

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Travel In Penang By Cars
You will have two option if you want to travel in Penang by cars - Which is Car Rental or Taxis.

Renting a car in Penang is not that expensive. For about RM150, you will be able to rent a rather comfortable sedan cars that can sit 5 person. Driving on your own will provide you with much needed freedom and flexibility. Some point to note when you are driving will be :

  • Penang driver seat is at right hand side with on coming traffic travel on the right side of the road.
  • There are speed limit on each and every road and it varies from 60Kph on normal road to 110Kph on highways.
  • License is definitely a must when you drive here. Make sure that you have an international driving license obtain first before coming to Penang.
  • If you are not sure whether your going in a right direction, ask around. The friendly Penang folk will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Get a latest road map of Penang - One of the "must" thing to have!
  • Plan to rent your car early to avoid disappointment especially during holidays season. Rent a car, click here!

Travel In Penang By Taxi

Taxis in Penang do not use meter - well mostly. But you can still insist the taxi driver to turn on their meter or agreed on the fix price first before you board their taxis. Traveling around the city area by taxis will normally cost about RM3 to RM10. Quite cheap if you share the taxi with 3 others travelling companion. Taxis from the airport to Penang Road in Georgetown is about RM 28 and RM25 from going back.

Travel In Penang By Trishaws
Taking a trishaw ride is another interesting ways of sightseeing the city of George Town. The open-fronted three-wheeled vehicle allow
visitors the opportunity of seeing the sights at a more leisurely and slower pace so that every interesting attraction at around the city area will be fully explored.

There is no standard fare so therefore it would be wise to agree on the price first before you step on the trishaw. For extended sightseeing,
it is cheaper to hire them on hourly basis. Just weigh for yourself which type of fare is more applicable to you.

Travel In Penang By
Motorcycles and bicycles also offer inexpensive and fun ways of exploring the island. It will bring you much more closer to the community there. Provided, if you know how to ride one.

There are stores along the hotel stretch of Batu Ferringhi and in the city area such as Chulia Street that offer them for hire. Most of the rental charges are pretty standard and quite affordable at RM20 per day with a deposit of RM100 per
bike. Of course, it will be much cheaper if you're to rent a bicycle.

If you do not like to travel in Penang all by yourself, you can always opt for tours or cruises organise by the hotel that you're staying in. Round the island tour, hills and temples tour, city tour and cruises to small island just to name a few is an alternative way to travel in Penang. Just check with your hotel reception/tour desk for details on times and prices for this kind of tours.

So, there you have it. Easy as what I had said earlier right? I sincerely hope it is.

Enjoy and have fun!

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