Travel to Malaysia - The Gateway
to Fascinating Penang

Coming to Penang means you need to travel to Malaysia first. If you do not know where Malaysia is or in what way you can get here, don't worry!

That is why is here for. To unlock the mysteries and provides you with updated information on Penang. I'll try my very best to make your trip to Penang Island fun and trouble free.

Malaysia is located at South East Asia, having close straits border with Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Refer to the map below to know more.

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Only when you are in Malaysia that you'll be able to travel to Penang. There is numerous ways that you can choose when travel to Malaysia. The first is by Air.

Air travel to Malaysia is by means the fastest & most efficient mode of transportation available. First, your plane will land at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). The airport is located at Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia); From there you'll need to take a connecting flight to Penang airport (Bayan Lepas International Airport).

The transit will take anywhere between 2 hr to 6 hr. So in the means time, relax yourself with a cup of cappuccino or you can just tour around the airport. I bet there is plenty of good stuff to buy there. To book your air ticket and travel to Malaysia, click here!

Getting to Penang by rented car, taxi, express bus or train will be possible if you come from neighboring country such as Thailand & Singapore or perhaps from Malaysia KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The car rental per day is about RM150 for a normal sedan car and the price can go up to RM700 for a more luxurious ones. You can rent a car from KLIA and from there, drive down along North-South highway to reach Penang or you can rent your car at Penang. More on car rental,
click here!

Express bus is perhaps one of the affordable & convenient way bringing you to Penang. You can get your bus ticket at any bus terminal or thru' travel agent. Puduraya is the main bus terminal in K.L. Just approach the ticket counter and tell them that you would like to go to Penang. For a more comfortable bus ride, choose the "super VIP" bus express. It is a 24 seater bus with bigger seat and ample room for your leg. The price will be more expensive, but for such a long journey to Penang, it's worth the money.

You can either take the express bus to get all the way to Penang via the scenic Penang Bridge or you can stop at Butterworth bus terminal and from there, take a relaxing ferry ride to Penang. The bus ride from K.L to Penang is about 4 ~5 hour and about 8 ~ 9 hour from Singapore.

Taxi might not be your best bet unless of course you can get 3 others companion to travel with you and share on the taxi cost.

Train will be the cheapest transport of all. But! You need to get yourself prepared for a longer traveling time. More on travel to Malaysia by train...

Alternatively if you're from nearby islands of Indonesia such Bali, Medan & Sumatra - You can choose to come by boat.

And if you like to relax and enjoy the cooling breeze of sea wind before coming for a holiday in Penang, cruise liner will be available to bring you here too.

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